How Do You Consign Items to be Sold?

Consignment Guidelines

If you would like to consign with “Sassy Seconds, then please read this document carefully. This is the contract/agreement. This will help clarify the process and eliminate any misunderstandings.
Click Here to print the Agreement Form. You must bring this form with you when you drop your items

How are items priced?

We price items to SELL. This is based on current realistic market value and areas desire to purchase at determined price. Consignors receive 40% of the ACTUAL price sold. The initial tag selling price is generally one third or less of original retail price…for “like new” condition items. Jewelry and Purses are priced a bit higher than 30% of retail value, as they do not receive the wear & tear of clothing items.

Do items get marked down?

Yes. Items are consigned for 90 days; with markdowns beginning on day 31.The schedule is as follows:

Jewelry and purses are not subject to automatic markdowns, only coupons and specific sales such as end of season, holiday, etc… All items are subject to discounts from advertising promotions that range from 15%-50% off. Typically, the discounted dollar amount of the sale will be divided between all items purchased.

What type of clothing and items are accepted?

Sassy Seconds accepts ALL brands of clothing, shoes, & accessories. When deciding what you want to consign, consider, “would I buy this?” We do not accept dated, out of style items unless they are truly Vintage pieces. We do not consign sleepwear, underwear, fur, or wedding dresses. There are specialty consignment shops that do.”” (.com), can provide information for specialty shops. Clothing should be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned, free of any scents, and in “near new” condition. They should be “ready to wear”. No stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, pilling, tears, or in need of any repair. Clothing should be pressed and on hangers or neatly folded to avoid wrinkling. Customers are looking for ready to wear clothing, purses, shoes, and accessories. The better your items look, the higher they are priced, and the better they SELL!

Make sure to check all pockets & pouches for any forgotten treasures before you bring them to consign.

Is an appointment necessary and are there limits on quantity?

No appointment is necessary. Sassy Seconds is a “Drop & Run” consignment. Drop your items off during regular shop hours. Sign your “Received” page and Run! If you prefer an appointment, you may call to schedule for day or times outside of operating hours.

Minimum consignment is 8 items. Maximum consignment is 25 items per each Drop & Run. IIf this is not accommodating, an appointment for larger quantities will be arranged. Consignor Numbers will remain the same for ALL consignments.

What happens at drop off?

Your items will be signed in, (with your form that you bring with you), and placed in the consignment receiving area, where they will be gone through one-by-one. Selected items will be entered onto your inventory sheet, tagged, steamed, and placed in the shop for sale. Items not taken for consignment (unselected) will either be held for you to pick up or be donated to charity. This is the ONLY opportunity to pick up unselected items. Unselected items must be retrieved within 5 business days. Unselected items not picked up within the 5 day time frame, will be donated. The shop is small and without storage space to hold items for an extended period of time. Please make a list of what items you brought for consignment PRIOR to your “Drop & Run”. Inventory sheets will only be available and sent via email or printed at time of any payment. It is the consignor’s responsibility to record items left for consignment.

Please note: Unsold items will be donated, unless initially priced $24.99 or higher. There will be a form at the time of “Drop & Run” that will indicate whether you would like to donate the above $24.99 priced items or pick them up. If you choose the pick-up option, these items MUST be retrieved within 5 business days. ANY/ALL items priced at the $24.99 price mark, not retrieved within the 5 business day time frame, will become property of Sassy Seconds to do with as they wish.

What happens if I change my mind and want my item/items back?

It’s fine. If your item/items have not been sold, you may pick your item/items up at anytime. However, if your items have already been inventoried, steamed, tagged, and are on display, there will be a $2.00 fee per item. Inventory of your items generally takes 7-14 days. That’s from “Drop & Run” to display. This will be discussed at time of your “Drop”.

Did anything sell and how do I get paid?

Please call or stop by during shop hours and we will be happy to give you an update on your account. You may be paid anytime you want! Any or All monies due can be paid in credit towards purchases or check at anytime. Consignors will automatically be paid at the end of the 90 day consignment period. Make sure to mark you calendar for your EXPIRATION DATE so you can stop by and pick up your consignment period payment. Reminders cannot be sent. Checks should be picked up at the shop. Mailing service is provided if requested. Mailing fee is $1.00 and will be deducted from your balance due. Checks not picked up or cashed within 90 days from check date will be voided and the funds to the consignor will be forfeited back to “Sassy Seconds”.

Sassy Seconds’ Donation partner, as of 7/1/11, is She She’s Corner, owned by the James Resource Network. Their mission is to provide supportive services to single-parent families in the Denver metro area, to help them become self-sufficient. All donated items are joyously received. For additional information please contact Sassy Seconds for complete profile of where your donated items are going.

Thank You for your interest in Sassy Seconds. We look forward to consigning with you.

Please print the Agreement Page by clicking on the link below and bring it with you at time of your “Drop & Run”
Click Here to print the Agreement Form.